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I met Meileigh in an orphanage.

We became buds. I was smitten with her.

She was adopted into an American family.

Her mom and I became Facebook friends.lifeline-1845

img_3426I gave myself the absolute best birthday gift I’ve ever given myself …

(Besides indoor skydiving, I had a couple hours to kill before my flight. Why not?)indoor-sky-diving

…a reunion with Meileigh, and an introduction to her wonderful family.

I’m sorry the home-invading goat pictures are not in focus. I was in no way prepared.Laura Stribling family photographer

There’s extraordinary in the ordinary.Lifestyle photographer charleston sc

I just found out I am going back overseas!

I’m raising my support for my trip by holding Charleston Marsh & Beach mini sessions.

For more details please email: info@GallerybyLaura.com.

Thank you!

Charleston, SC Beach Family Photos

A fun family with a lot to celebrate! This summer Ashleigh and Clay were married!

Isle of Palms Beach family photos charleston scClay’s parents wanted to say thank you to the Hartmann family in a big way, so they gifted them a family portrait session. Sullivans Island Beach family photos charleston scIsle of Palms Beach family photos charleston scSullivans Island Beach family photos charleston scIsle of Palms Beach family photos charleston scSullivans Island Beach family photos charleston scSullivans Island Beach family photos charleston scIsle of Palms Beach family photos charleston scThe Newlyweds!Isle of Palms Beach family photos charleston sc

Kiawah Island Family Photos, Charleston Photographer

What a special treat! These two were married at The Sandcastle on Kiawah Island, and have returned to the same spot with their son for family pictures.gallery-by-laura-photography-family-photographer-charleston-scI loved having this gorgeous boardwalk in the dunes for our pictures. It was also the start of Megan’s walk with her Dad down the aisle to be married on the beach. gallery-by-laura-photography-family-photographer-charleston-sc-2121gallery-by-laura-photography-family-photographer-charleston-sc-2109He’s almost too cute for me to handle. For serious, he had so many facial expressions, like a little model he changed it up for every picture. gallery-by-laura-photography-family-photographer-charleston-sc-2124gallery-by-laura-photography-family-photographer-charleston-sc-2019gallery-by-laura-photography-family-photographer-charleston-sc-2044gallery-by-laura-photography-family-photographer-charleston-sc-2084Can you spot 1.5 deer? We sneakily snuck down the boardwalk to get the deer and sand dunes in the background.

Kiawah has the most beach loving deer of all the beaches.
gallery-by-laura-photography-family-photographer-charleston-sc-2129I was very quiet around the deer so they wouldn’t run, can you tell the difference in Hudson’s expressions between a quiet photographer and a loud and silly one?gallery-by-laura-photography-family-photographer-charleston-sc-2167gallery-by-laura-photography-family-photographer-charleston-sc-2177gallery-by-laura-photography-family-photographer-charleston-sc-2182gallery-by-laura-photography-family-photographer-charleston-sc-2212gallery-by-laura-photography-family-photographer-charleston-sc-2219gallery-by-laura-photography-family-photographer-charleston-sc-2225I’m so glad mom let me put him down in the sand. Totally worth the mess!gallery-by-laura-photography-family-photographer-charleston-sc-2277gallery-by-laura-photography-family-photographer-charleston-sc-2233Hudson was ok being washed away by 2 inches of water, but I love the expression he’s giving to the waves.gallery-by-laura-photography-family-photographer-charleston-sc-2234gallery-by-laura-photography-family-photographer-charleston-sc-2288gallery-by-laura-photography-family-photographer-charleston-sc-2293gallery-by-laura-photography-family-photographer-charleston-sc-2300gallery-by-laura-photography-family-photographer-charleston-sc-2301gallery-by-laura-photography-family-photographer-charleston-sc-2320What a happy little guy.gallery-by-laura-photography-family-photographer-charleston-sc-2327Stuck-on sand makes everything a team effort!
gallery-by-laura-photography-family-photographer-charleston-sc-2329The expressions from this kid!family+and+baby+on+beach+photos+Kiawah+Island+SC+Charleston+photographergallery-by-laura-photography-family-photographer-charleston-sc-2386gallery-by-laura-photography-family-photographer-charleston-sc-2384gallery-by-laura-photography-family-photographer-charleston-sc-2410gallery-by-laura-photography-family-photographer-charleston-sc-2413grandparents on the beachThe End!gallery-by-laura-photography-family-photographer-charleston-sc-2443

Charleston SC Birth Photographer, Mt Pleasant Newborn Photos

I’ve spent hours and hours putting this adorable video together and I’m exhausted, not like new mom exhausted, but you know…

Congratulations to this sweet new family of 3!

mother baby hospital birth charleston birth photographerhospital birth photographer charleston scgallery-by-laura-photography-birth-photographer-charleston-sc-2009father-son-hospital-birth-photosfather and son hand hospital birthgallery-by-laura-photography-birth-photographer-charleston-sc-1924family-newborn-birth-photography-pictures-charleston-sc-photographerHe sneezed right as I took his picture.

Mom said, “Wait for it, he’ll sneeze 4 more times, he’s down from his usual 6 times in the hospital.”

She was right. Each one full body adorable.newborn sneezing pictureA few from the newborn session. Check out this 10lbs 2oz cutie!

family-newborn-birth-photography-pictures-charleston-sc-photographerfamily-newborn-birth-photography-pictures-charleston-sc-photographerfamily-newborn-pictures-charleston-sc-photographerfamily-newborn-pictures-charleston-sc-photographerfamily-newborn-birth-photography-pictures-charleston-sc-photographerCharleston SC newborn Photographer, Mt Pleasant mother-and-son-newborn-pictures-charleston-scCharleston SC newborn Photographer, Mt Pleasant



We got Bunnies!!! Holland Lop Bunny Rabbits, Newborn Baby Bunny Photo Session, Charleston SC

I know, I know, I fully own how crazy this makes me seem, but….

WE GOT BUNNIES!!! And I loves them!

I won’t apologize, and I can’t promise their aren’t more bunny photoshoots in my future.Newborn bunny session, Charleston PhotographerPenelope is brown, Tabitha is brown and white.cute baby rabbits, newborn bunnies, #hollandlopI had no intentions of doing a full blown newborn photo session with the bunnies. I’ve never had a mammal as a pet before, all my previous pets have been contained to aquariums. I’m still nervous when I’m holding them and they get twitchy on me.

But holding them, having them fall asleep wrapped up in my arms. (Ok, I might have swaddled them.) They felt just like newborns and I knew I had a limited window for these sleepy heads. I knew they would only enjoy being swaddled and petted to sleep for a limited time. And so it begins…

Newborn bunny session, Charleston PhotographerBunny Kithes!!! (Say it out loud.)#babybunny Baby Bunny photo shootbunny tea party photos, cute baby rabbitsI mean really how much longer were they going to fit in a teacup? They are 8 weeks old in these pictures.

Holland Lops are a dwarf breed, but they won’t stay this tiny forever. Newborn bunny session, Charleston Photographer#babybunny Baby Bunny photo shootbunny tea party photosNewborn bunny session, Charleston PhotographerLook how small she looks.#babybunny Baby Bunny photo shootNewborn bunny session, Charleston PhotographerSuch a tiny Penelope.#babybunny Baby Bunny photo shootNewborn bunny session, Charleston Photographer#babybunny Baby Bunny photo shootNewborn bunny session, Charleston PhotographerYes, I made bunny tutus. I figure why have the skills if I can’t use them?#babybunny Baby Bunny photo shootNewborn bunny session, Charleston PhotographerTabitha (Tabs) is my Gerber Baby, a born model. #babybunny Baby Bunny photo shootNewborn bunny session, Charleston PhotographerThat nose. Those whiskers.#babybunny Baby Bunny photo shootI think this bed will be how I document their growth. As the bunnies get bigger, the bed will get smaller. Newborn bunny session, Charleston PhotographerPenelope is our athlete. Born to run, twitch, sniff, and wander. Action shot, she gone!#babybunny Baby Bunny photo shootShe has a heart shaped nose. Do you love her?Newborn bunny session, Charleston PhotographerNewborn bunny session, Charleston PhotographerCan you tell I swaddled them so they’d stay put?#babybunny Baby Bunny photo shootCharleston SC photographer rabbitsbunnies in flower wreath, newborn photographerMy favorite picture. It shows their little personalities.

Penelope, forever curious, Tabitha, forever dreaming.
#babybunny Baby Bunny photo shoot

Thanks for riding the crazy train with me. OH MY GOSH!!! Should we send out Christmas cards!?!


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